Support & Training

Remote support

Our team provides efficient support on all Bathyswath product, by email, phone, and other electronic communications tools. If needed, we can temporarily take control of your PC remotely with Teamviewer application. (Click below)

Bathyswath meeting & remote support

Bathyswath meeting

  • Download here “QuickJoin” Teamviewer application dedicated to Bathyswath meetings

  • Run the application, enter the meeting-ID that was given to you and specify your name
  • Close the application when the meeting is finished

Bathyswath remote support

Bathyswath team can temporarily take control of your PC remotely, for this you have to follow these steps:

  • Download here “QuickSupport” Teamviewer application dedicated to Bathyswath remote support.

  • Run the application and send us your ID (the password is already specified).
  • Bathyswath team will then take control of your PC in order to support you.
  • Close the application once the support is finished.

Technical support packages

We provide one year’s technical support with every Bathyswath sale. Clients may continue that support for a small yearly fee.


Find all video tutorials on our Vimeo page !

Field training

Bathyswath team offers a training course. This generally takes place at your location. It takes between 2 to 5 days depending on the requirements, and is a mixture of classroom training, surveying on your boat, and then processing back in the office. The idea is to get your operators working with their own equipment in their own environment.

An emphasis is placed on hands-on use of the system and software, including:

  • Description of the system
  • Deployment
  • Real-time and post-processing software
  • Maintenance and trouble-shooting