Specialized in high precision bathymetric and seabed mapping sonar systems.

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What We Do

We design, develop, manufacture and sell bathymetric sonar systems for surveys on waterways or at sea.


Our Approach

We have been following your enquiries for 7 years. ITER Systems is a human-sized company offering quick technical support and efficient project management. We innovate permanently in order to offer the best products for your needs.


Our Mission

To propose the best products at competitive price.


Our Products


Bathyswath is a comprehensive bathymetric & seabed mapping survey system. Bathyswath-2 has been in use since 2015. It gives excellent performance and reliability in a small,
low-power package with 3 frequency options
(117, 234 & 468 kHz).

Bathyswath-2 PSM

Bathyswath-2 PSM is a fully automated depth survey system. It is designed to be fixed to hydroelectric dam walls or cooling water inlets. It scans the bottom at pre-programmed intervals, processes the data, compiles a report in PDF format, and emails it out over 3G/4G mobile or wired communications channels. It compares the results of previous scans with the current one to assess the rate of change.


Small, compact and innovative, the Bathyswath-3 goes beyond the performance of the Bathyswath-2 with these new features:
▪ 3 sonar frequencies simultaneously, in bathymetry and sidescan
▪ Integrated ancillary devices (Single-board computer, GNSS receiver, Motion sensor, Sound Velocity Sensor) simplifies installation and integration.

It comes with 2 different housing: ALPHA Subsea Unit or SIGMA Subsea Unit with Navbox.

Navigation solutions

ITER Systems designed an electronic board to suit all navigation needs whether in air, land or at sea. This Navigation Communication & Power Board (or NCPB) is available in separate parts for OEM integration or in NAVBOX version for a fully integrated and simplified set-up.

Our services


Sonar systems and electronics engineering.

Software development

Software development for our own products or for nominal interfaces with customers systems.

Training on site

Training on client’s site or on lake in front of our premises.


Remote technical support.

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Marine services



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Bathyswath-3Development in progress, available in late 2021.