Bathyswath-2 PSM

Bathyswath-2 PSM is a fully automated depth survey system. It is designed to be fixed to hydroelectric dam walls or cooling water inlets. It scans the bottom at pre-programmed intervals, processes the data, compiles a report in PDF format, and emails it out over 3G/4G mobile or wired communications channels. It compares the results of previous scans with the current one to assess the rate of change.

Bathyswath-2 PSM

Bathyswath-2 Permanent Siltation Monitoring (PSM) :

  • Remotely monitored and controlled through 3G/4G wireless mobile or wired communications
  • User friendly web interface
  • Angular scanning head
  • Automatic processing and reporting

The main parts of a Bathyswath-2 PSM are:

  • A Bathyswath-2 underwater system fitted to a panhead
  • A cabinet inside the dam, with a computer running Bathyswath software and communications equipment
  • A remote computer system, which archives the data from each scan for analysis
  • Operational slant range 200 m
  • Maximum slant range 300 m
  • Max. height of transducers 150 m
  • Along-beam resolution 2 cm
  • Azimuth beam width (2way) 0.55°
  • Transmit pulse length 8.5 to 4300 μs
  • Max. umbilical cable length 200 m
  • Bottle and transducer dimensions 192 x 290 x 660 mm, 26.6 kg
  • Pan head dimensions 292 x 246 x 137 mm, 20.0 kg
  • Bottle depth rating 2000 m
  • Communications 3G/4G wireless mobile or VDSL2 wired
  • Frequency of scans selectable, up to every 20 minutes
  • Environment
  • Natural Resources
  • Power generation